Advanced Document Automation

The Gold Standard for advanced document automation. Desktop, Web, API & Publishing. Whether you are looking for a firm-wide deployment or looking to integrate document automation with a 3rd party application, database or website, XpressDox has the power and flexibility you need.

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Document automation solutions by XpressDox come with customisable elements and components made to work together seamlessly. Designed to be your perfect document automation devkit, powerful and easy to use. Integrates easily with databases, web services, and other APIs.

Flexible data fields
Sophisticated conditional logic
Word Desktop or Browser
Integration with Microsoft Outlook
Interview constructed automatically
Repeaters and multiples
Cloud or On-Premise Server
Document routing via email
Standard MS Word format
Gender and plurals handling
Integration with AJS Accounting
Auto-naming/saving files
Run in Windows, Apple, Android
Formatting numbers
Use data from databases
Supervisor module
Supports all Word versions from 2007
Numbers to Words/Currency
Integration with Salesforce
Corporate identity on Interview

XpressDox Benefits

Create document templates in Microsoft Word to ensure a consistent and professional look for all correspondence.

Standard Microsoft Word format
Support for all Microsoft Word versions
Built on the latest technologies
Integrates with most data sources
Foreign language support
Single template works on all platforms
XpressDox is the fastest system on the market
Comprehensive command and function library
Powerful conditional logic
Easy conversion from other document systems
Suited to all sizes of enterprise
Extensive help available
Security and access control
Firm’s corporate image on Interviews
Utilities for increased productivity
And much more ...

More XpressDox Features

Run document templates from anywhere on any device, even an Apple iPad

Tab groupings
Clause handling
Integration with DocuSign
Assembly to Word or PDF
Sophisticated validations
Integration with Sugar CRM
Full xslt command set
Extensive user help
Lookup tables
Integration with SQL Server
Wizard Interview
Comprehensive command library
Radio buttons and Checkboxes
Integration with MySQL
Interview in most Western languages
Letterhead integration
Lookup Lists
Integration with Microsoft Excel
Author in English, Afrikaans or French

XpressDox is right for my needs