Property Utility and Legal Billing Costs Calculator

The software application is downloaded directly onto a cell phone, from where it can be operated independently. The result of each calculation can be sent from the cell phone to another cell phone via sms.

AJS FireFlyOverview

AJS Firefly is the ultimate property utility and legal costs calculator for South African Conveyancers, Estate Agents, Bond Originators, Bank Consultants, Property Investors and Home Buyers. The software application is downloaded directly onto your cell phone, from where it can be accessed from anywhere using a 3G or wireless connection.

Functions include a transfer and bond costs calculator, as well as a calculator for bond instalments, bond affordability, Estate Agent commission, price per square metre, and Capital Gains Tax. Typically, the system is acquired by law firms for use by their referring Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Property Developers.

AJS FireFlyBenefits

  • Differentiates you from other Agents Since you will be able to provide answers instantly on buyers’ and sellers’ questions about transfer duty, legal costs, etc, they will perceive you as being hi-tech and professional, increasing your chances of a succesful sale.

  • Saves you time – not wasted on affordability By knowing how much your prospective buyers can afford, you won’t waste time showing them properties that are out of their price bracket.

  • No embarrassing mistakes Because the AJS Firefly costs calculator is 100% accurate, there is no chance of inadvertently getting the numbers wrong.

  • Keeps you top of mind Apart from creating a great impression, you can also stay top-of-mind when you email or SMS the costs summary to your prospective client.

  • Easy to learn and use The AJS Firefly system is really simple to learn and use, which means that you won’t need to be a computer geek to get full value from the system. Simply enter a few amounts, and the calculator will do the rest for you.

  • Costs are always up to date Since the fees and tariffs are updated regularly, you won’t need to worry about whether you have the latest costs.

  • Brand awareness For the law firm, making AJS Firefly available to your referring Agents promotes loyalty. The firm’s logo is added to the menu, ensuring that the firm’s name stays top of mind with the Agent each time he or she uses the Firefly system.

AJS FireFlyFeatures

Transfer Costs Simply enter the transfer amount (the price of the property), and select the type of entity from a dropdown list, and the system will calculate all of the applicable fees and Deeds Office taxes.

Bond Costs Enter the required mortgage bond amount, and the system calculates applicable fees and taxes.

Monthly Bond Instalments Enter the bond amount, the interest rate, and the term, and the system will calculate the monthly payment, plus the total capital and interst which will be paid over the full loan term.

Bond Affordability Select from NCA Disposable Income, NCA Bond Amount, Pre NCA Gross Salary or Pre NCA Bond Amount, then type in the disposable income, number of years for the loan and the interest rate, and the system will calculate the maximum bond amount as well as the total repaymernts.

Agent Commission Enter the price, whether the commission should be added to, or included in the price, plus the commission rate and whether VAT registered or not, and the system will calculate Agent commission.

Price per Square Meter Enter the selling price plus the size in square metres, and the system will calculate the price per square metre.

Capital Gains Tax Answer the questions presented to you in a wizard interview, and the system will calculate CGT for you.

Summary As you perform the above calculations, you can add them to a summary to be sent to your prospective client later.

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